Worked closely with Hank on purchasing a home in Hampton Roads Area.
Hank was always there waiting for us at our planned meeting spots. The first time we met Hank, he showed up with a list of homes, their details, and a map showing how to move from
home to home. Awesome.
We were moving from out of town and came to the area twice to shop. Hank adjusted his schedule to meet our travel times. He was helpful in pointing out home features that were unique to the area (we were coming from a place with basements etc) and how to adjust to local
living. We also spent a day with Jenyse and had a long discussion with her about the various homes we saw and liked. She helped us narrow the list. I would say both Hank and Jenyse really listened to our questions, issues, concerns and taste preferences.

Once we finally selected a home the process of placing an offer was done mostly
online. We were able to sign documents online, which made the process so much easier when moving from out of town (and not having to find a fax machine etc). Hank help identify a negotiation strategy, which made me feel like he had our best interest at heart; not
just looking to get a deal done. He presented different options and how to ask for
compensation when we ran into road blocks. Hank was very frank and open when negotiations did not going well. We were given heads up on progress, and he would check in
with updates, even when there were none. I always felt like I knew exactly where we were in this process. Hank stood up for us and fought for us when the other agent became difficult. Hank was with us at the closing, while Jenyse was at our new home waiting for negotiated items to be returned. These two really have an attention to detail, both in the contracts and at the walk through. Hank and Jenyse saw it through to the end. Hank even carrying a few boxes into the house when we were moving in. I’m sure Hank would say this was a tough one. The seller’s agent seemed to create drama. We negotiated early possession, so we could unload the moving truck in an efficient manor (and not pay to unload and reload our stuff, or pay for standing days on the moving truck). It was Hank who suggested this as an idea to keep our costs down. There were issues identified with the
inspection, and negotiations were not simple. Hank suggested a different approach, and we were able to get a satisfactory result.
There were issues with the appraisal. And again negotiations got tense (to the point that we started shopping for other homes again). Hank was able to deflect the negative emotion of the selling agent.Even at the very end, the seller’s movers packed the washer and
dryer (that were part of the deal). Hank was able to get a satisfactory resolution so that we could close on time, without reservation. Hank was able to get results without becoming emotional or join in on the mudslinging; which enabled us to view our new home in a positive manor.

I am very happy with the home we purchased, and the price that we paid for it. This was the worst real estate transaction I have ever been a part of (5th home I’ve purchased),
and I would have walked away from the selling agent if Hank was not there to calm us down and keep things together.

— John