Jenyse and Hank worked as the buyer’s agent. They were extremely professional and informative. They answered questions and searched the areas requested – did not try to “sell” something just because it worked for them. Really listened to concerns and requests. Worked up comps for other homes as needed – and were not afraid to make suggestions “outside the box”. They were very responsive to reactions to these suggestions.

Highly recommend Jenyse and Hank. Made the entire process easy and comfortable and were there right along to the closing! My niece and her family asked for help to buy a home here in Virginia for their return here from Hawaii. As they are still on the island, I was “elected” to help them with the process from start to finish. Hank and Jenyse were fully informed of them purchasing a home “Site unseen”, and were willing to help in any way possible to complete the task.

They spoke with my niece to get the “must haves” list from them, they together they all narrowed it down to those that met the criteria needed for the family. I then met with Jenyse and Hank and looked at all homes found. After some discussion, we found a home that was just above the requested price ceiling – and it was perfect!

Hank and Jenyse were fantastic at the negotiation. It was an extremely fair deal for both buyer and seller and all the numbers worked favorably! Either one or the other agent was available for all inspections and re-inspects. I never once felt that they had any other clients than me, working for family!

I believe that every client that works with this team always feels like they are the “ONLY” client

— JoAnne