Hank Reisenbicher has by far been the best realtor I have ever worked with. My husband and I were first time home buyers and he was there every step of the way, to explain every single step and to answer any questions we had. He was very patient with us, and looked at so many different houses with us, and gave us advice to keep us moving in the right direction. Even now that we have purchased our house, he still has been there for us, and has continued to make sure everything has been going well. When it comes time to sell our home, I will definitely be going through them again.
Jenyse was great as well, I appreciate all the work she did for us, she took time away from her family on a holiday to come meet me and my family at our new house just so that way they could see the house. There is no other realtor that would do that. She was always very flexible with her schedule and she was always available for whenever we needed anything. She also was there to answer any questions we had and walked us through everything. The whole process was great! I was expecting a ton of stress and difficult situations, but the whole process was very smooth, and we didn’t really need to do anything, Hank and Jenyse handled everything, these two are the best real estate agents you are going to find! They get 10 stars in my book!

— Faith